Saturday, February 18, 2012

Never too Old to Learn Something

I learned a few things tonight.  First, I'm seriously not a fan of losing at cards.  OK, so that's not something new I learned, but it was definitely reinforced tonight.  Second, my awesome husband, who loves my blog, isn't necessarily appreciative of me jotting down his goofy jokes or behaviors when we're in the middle of a date (yes, I lost a card game on our date).  Third, if I'm stumped for something to write about, it's a really good thing I jotted something down from our date night anyway.

Following a discussion on our date about me not writing everything down, my husband came up with this brilliance (the one thing that was allowed to stay in my little notebook):

"It's like a sand castle...flowing out to sea."  Yes, my love, some things are awesome just between us and should, most definitely, be allowed to flow away peacefully and unnoted.  Got it! 

It was a fun date, by the way!  And he's funny, that man of mine.

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