Monday, September 2, 2013

Best shopping trip evah! And no "stuff" to show for it.

Did you know Costco was closed on Labor Day?  Ya?  Well, this girl didn't.  The little guy and I made the trek over there first thing this morning and were rewarded with a big empty parking lot.  Which was actually perfect!  Had I really been jonesing for a shopping trip today?  Nope.  Had I talked my kid into being my shopping partner with the promise of letting him try driving a car...for the first time EVER...if he came with me?  Oh, yes I had!

So that big empty parking lot was our oyster.  He fastened his seat belt.  He put it in drive.  He drove around the parking lot.  He used his turn signal.  He parked.  He backed out of a parking spot.  He was so, so, so, so, so happy!  And I earned some serious street cred as a cool mom.

Until I started singing "I'm Driving in my Car" on the way home and he turned on the radio to block out the sound of my voice and the moment was lost...or perhaps he was just acting out the next line of the song.

Either way, we're both still glowing on the inside.

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