Saturday, September 21, 2013


Technology keeps creeping ahead and leaving me behind.  Way behind.

Dave and the kid both have cameras now that apparently have face recognition.  Not only can they recognize a face, they can actually detect when you smile and click right then.  Weirdly amazing...and a bit creepy, right?

Well, turns out those cameras can totally detect me smiling.  (Insert a picture of me showing off my pearly whites here.  "Ding!")  But the darn things cannot recognize my face as an actual face.  I took off my glasses because "maybe the reflection was throwing the camera off".  Nope.  I pulled my hair back because "maybe it was blocking my face".  Still no.

Little guy:  "My camera doesn't like your face, mom."

Gee...I've officially been insulted by technology.

Likely just evens us up.  I've had a few choice words for technology, too.

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