Friday, September 6, 2013

My Inner Dare Devil got Scared!

I'm typically not much of a risk taker.  Seriously, I'm a safety first kind of girl.  But for some reason my inner dare devil took over a couple nights ago.  You see, there was a storm approaching.  Hugely visible to the east...and heading my way.  And did I decide to take my dog for a long walk?  You bet I did!

It was all groovy at first...passing the ditch with all the awesome mice and rats scurrying around...rounding the corner...and FLASH!  The sky to the east lit up like crazy.  Did I turn on my heels and head straight home?  Nope, I kept on going.  Up the hill, past all the apartments, down the hill...and then I started freaking out.  The sky got really dark, the flashes of lightning stopped being cloud-to-cloud and became cloud-to-ground, the wind picked up, and I felt like I had a target on my head.

I was at my half-way point anyway, so it was the perfect time to change my trajectory homeward.  Only I wasn't sure what exactly I should avoid getting struck by lightning, that is.

Should I stay under the cover of trees?

Should I stay away from power lines?

Should I be out in the open?

Should I walk on the street?

Should I walk in the grass?

The only thing I did know for sure was that I definitely was not going to walk on those big metal plates street workers put to cover up big holes they'd made in the asphalt.  That and I figured it really was statistically possible that I'd get struck by lightning.  People do, apparently.

Oh, and I figured out that I couldn't possible make my body just walk...yup, this girl who never runs unless being chased turned into a runner that night.

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