Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mommy Mush Brain

I have this habit of losing babies.  OK, not actually a habit.  It happened only once.  And it was my own kid.  And I was actually holding him the entire time I was looking for him.  Pretty much exactly like when you lose your sunglasses and you find them on top of your head after you look for them everywhere else.  ...only it was a baby, not sunglasses. 

Anyway, I totally blame that incident on the fact that I had been nursing and had absolutely no blood going to my brain at the time.  Serious mommy mush brain.

But last night, after 14 years had gone by, it happened again.  Only this time it wasn't a baby, it was a kitten.  I got up from the table where I'd been working.  Looked all around the house, under the couch, behind the desk, in the bathroom, everywhere.  No kitten!

Little guy:  "What are you looking for, mom?"

Me:  "The kitten."

Little guy:  "He's on the table sleeping right by your computer."

Turns out serious mommy mush brain can be attributed to age as well as lactation....

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