Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Will Hug for Food...later

My little guy just walked in the door...shirt off, dripping sweat, and scented in that "active teenage boy" kind of way.

Little guy:  "I'm starving.  Will you make me some food?"

Me:  "What's in it for me?"

Little guy:  "A hug."

Me:  "That's it?  After you shower, of course."

Little guy:  "Two hugs."

Me:  "Before or after you shower?"

Little guy:  "Before."

Me:  "Deal's going sour, dude."

And, yeah, I made him some grub...totally gonna cash in my hug raincheck once I catch the scent of Old Spice.  Cracks me up that the scent of clean kid is the same scent I remember from hugging my grandpa as a kiddo.

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