Monday, September 23, 2013

Old Bag

Maybe this hasn't become the norm in your city, but in ours, everyone is expected to bring bags to stores when shopping.  Bye bye plastic bags...hooray!  Me?  This has been absolutely no problem as I've been using my own bags for many, many years.  Dave?  Ya, never has a bag...ever.

So, anyway, when we were out and about the other day we did a spur of the moment stop at a store.

Me:  "You don't keep bags in your car."

Dave:  "Not besides you."

Me:  "What?"

Two things.

1) I'm pretty sure Dave just called me an old bag.

2) He gets points for being funny and having good timing.

3) One of the things that makes our marriage work is that I always say, "What?" when I think he needs a second chance...because I do love him so, I really do!

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