Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Style Points

So the big guy had an assignment in one of his college classes.  Something to do with where you stand politically and why.  Part of the assignment was to take an online questionnaire test thingie.  So Dave and I took it.  And the results were freakishly twinnish.

"We're twinkies!" I declared.

OK, so Dave and I are apparently perfectly aligned politically (certainly makes the election season a peaceful place at our house)...but, as I discovered tonight, with Costco shopping styles, twinkies we are not.

Dave?  He's a go-up-and-down-every-(FREAKIN'!)-aisle kind of guy.  Even that whole section on the left with all the electronics, appliances, beds and stuff.

Me?  I'm a follow-the-shopping-list-and-only-go-down-particular-aisles-intentionally kind of girl.

Tonight, as we were on a Costco date, I went with his style because I'm all go with the flow and all and he was trying to be romantic as he showed me the power generators and all.  And you know what?  Thanks to my sweet husband's style we have toothpaste, something that had not made my list.

Style points for style, Dave!

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