Sunday, September 29, 2013

In Need of a Bravery Boost

I discovered last night that evening dog walks are not for the faint of heart.  Now, don't worry about me...I've got my trusty seventy-five pounds of awesome pooch with me.  I'm good.  However, said seventy-five pounds of awesome pooch only has 5' 1.5", one-hundred-two pounds of me with her.  This is the only explanation I have for her being such an utter and complete wuss.

Bless her heart.  (I have to say that...I'm from the south, after all.)

You see, last night someone remotely unlocked their car at the exact moment we were passing by.


Hazel levitated and somehow managed to jump sideways, directly into me, before the car had even finished it's noise.  After much reassurance she was good to go...for a while...until we passed a bush that first began swaying, then began rustling, then began shaking outright, and then the tiniest little bird flew out of it.  But Hazel never knew about the bird because she'd already pulled too far away.  In her mind there was a grizzly monster with fanged teeth and a most foul smell coming after her with only thoughts of doggie digestion on its mind.

 Hmmmm...maybe I need to get some of my bigger-than-me guys around her to start walking her.  I'm sure that'll boost her bravery, right?

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