Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saddle 'er Up

It was a fabulous day of rocketry today!  My dad earned his Level 3 Certification.  It was the most perfect launch day ever.  Hardly any wind.  Hardly any clouds.  A good five degrees cooler than it has been lately.

And since we were shooting rockets I figured, "Why not dress like a cowgirl?"  OK, so I didn't really think that.  It went a little differently than that.  It went like this.

Me:  "May I borrow one of your cowboy hats tomorrow?  My floppy hat just doesn't go with my cowboy boots."

My dad's beautiful wife:  "Of course!"

And so I wore it.  And I helped ready the HUGE ten-ish foot long rocket.  I helped my kid carry it to the check in area.  I chatted briefly with some teenage boys in front of us in line.

Teenage boy:  "Do you ride horses?"

Me:  "No."  OK, I totally lied to him.  I should've said, "No, they don't seem to like me.  I've was thrown by one as a kiddo and another tried to get rid of me by rubbing me against tree branches when I was a grown up."

Teenage boy:  "Well you look like you ride horses."

And now I'm thinking we need to make a much bigger rocket...with holsters and a saddle.  Thinking that would totally rock!  At least it'd make a great photo...because you're not getting this cowgirl on a horse ever again.

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