Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ups, Downs, and Awe

You know, you're up...and then you're down.

My up?  Well, I got to have two seconds of fame when I appeared on NBC's "Revolution" last night.  AWESOME!!  So today when I picked up my little guy from school (his bike had a flat, so I came to his rescue), I told him, "All day people have been stopping me on the streets to tell me recognized me from TV last night!!"

My down?  Well, that dose of realism that my kid is always good for.  "Mom, your facebook friends online don't count as people on the streets."

<Silence as I pondered the fact that I'd just been busted.>

Me:  "So did you tell all your friends that your mom was on TV last night?

Little guy:  "I didn't tell any of them, mom."

Apparently two seconds of fame doesn't automatically guarantee awe from your kid.  Luckily I know that making him cookies does.

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