Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pinterest success or Pinterest fail?

I made cookies this 7 AM early.  A new kind of cookie.  Something I saw on Pinterest.  Always a risk, right?  And now those cookies sit...and wait.  Because if you know me, you know I never, ever eat cookies.  They're simply not on my "I eat that" list.  A list that is alarmingly small, I must admit.  So I must wait for the guinea pigs in my world to wake up.

Anyway, I've got ants in my pants waiting, waiting, waiting to find out if I'm finally managed to have a Pinterest success of fail. 

Fast forward a few hours.

Dave:  "They're good...and crunchy."

Little guy:  "They're good...I like the other ones you make better, though."

Big guy:  "They look good."

So there ya are...three "good"s...Pinterest success!

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My Pinterest Success

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