Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What can I say? I'm human, after all.

I'm obsessive about wearing my bicycle helmet when I'm riding around.  Course it took me flipping over my handle bars and hitting my bare, unprotected head in front of a crowd of people about twenty-five years ago to convince me to start wearing one.  And I love my helmet.  It's cool, it's black, it's not one of those oblong-shaped ones you see a lot.  Nope, it's an awesome BMX/skateboard one and I feel like a super cool kid when I'm riding around town.

OK, enough about me.  Well, sort of, anyway.

You know how bike helmets are supposed to keep your head safe from injury, right?  Well, I learned a lesson about just that today that may toss that out the window.  You see, when I arrived at school this morning I took my bike lights off my bike, went to my classroom, took off my helmet, placed my bike lights in my helmet, and proceeded to work with my lovely students all day.  Then, when it was time to go, I picked up said helmet, raised it above my head, turned it over, and BAM, BAM!!!  My front and rear bike lights nailed me right on the top of my head!

So I suppose it might not be the helmet to blame and there's the tiniest chance that it could have been human error. 

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