Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Heat Test

I'm not one to complain about the heat...pretty much ever.  I'm the type who walks out of a grocery store or a movie theater, my body hitting the 105º heat, and I sigh with relief.  Hugely so.

But when I got home from work today and discovered that I had neglected to bring my house key and no one was home except the dogs, I thought, "No problem, I'm sure my kid put the spare key back in the super secret key hiding place we set up after realizing that he'd never ever remember to take his key with him."

So I searched and searched and searched and the only thing I discovered was that he had not, in fact, returned the key to its spot.  And then I began to officially complain about the heat.  And darn if there wasn't anybody there to listen.  Sigh....

Oh, and did I mention that today was the day I decided to stop using that aluminum filled antiperspirant and instead use natural deodorant?

You bet I did...and, by golly, it worked!  I chalk this experience up to a fabulous test.

Thanks, kid!

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