Friday, November 18, 2011

The Dog ate my Homework

While our new little addition has managed to not destroy anything of value, she has not been destruction free.  All the toys we have around the house that Scout has lovingly moistened (but not chewed) over the years have remained undamaged and intact, as have our shoes and all pieces of furniture.  No small miracle, I'd say.  Cardboard, however, and bits of paper left strewn about the house have become fair game for that little one to turn into confetti.  And, man, she likes to spread it about.  Looks like we celebrated with cascarones in our front room!  Well...last night the little toot was running across the room with a sheet of paper in her mouth.   She settled in on her bed for a good ol' happy chomping session.  That paper looked a little familiar, and on closer examination it was obviously little guy's french horn practice record.  It was perforated across the end and crumpled throughout.  It was reminiscent of the old computer punch cards from my mom's job at UT in research and development we had in my house when I was a child.  We were supposed to use them for phone messages and such.  It was a tricky thing writing notes around all those little rectangular holes, frequently deceived by those nasty little hanging chads, our pencil lead popping through to the other side. 

Anyway, little guy had to redo his practice sheet.  We scanned it immediately and emailed it to the band know, just in case the puppy got the munchies again.

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