Monday, November 28, 2011

Embrace that Traffic Jam

Got a taste today of what many, many people deal with on a daily basis.  You guessed it...I was stuck in traffic.  Bleck!  Oh, my goodness, bless your hearts.  I have been blissfully oblivious.  As it was an hour's drive, in what should have taken 15 minutes, it made me wonder what constructive things everyone must be doing as I'm absolutely positive they're not all just sitting, looking forward, and being frustrated. 

I'm quite sure they're doing calf raises, one calf at a time, of course.  I bet they're doing thigh master type leg squeezes.  Even some work on their gluteus maximuses (maximi?).  And dare I say kegels?  Perhaps they're recording snippets of a story they're composing on their iPhone.  Maybe they're meditating, seeing the zen of the traffic jam driving experience.  I bet there are some who are listening to their dance routine music visualizing every awesome move they'll make on stage.  I'm sure it must be so.  There's no way all those thousands and thousands of folks wouldn't be making the best of that time.

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