Sunday, November 27, 2011

Well, I do declare!

So, a few days ago I'm at a restaurant with my family. This particular unnamed restaurant is one I frequented when I was in high school. Still love it! I went to the bathroom and I'm sitting there, doing what one does, and I look around the room. Everywhere, EVERYWHERE, are declarations of love. So, I try my hardest to imagine what goes through someone's mind when they declare such words of affection in a place where, odds are, their beloved will never see it (OK, I know this may not be true of couples of the same sex, but I did not see any such declarations on said walls).  I came to the conclusion that taking the time to write"Jane loves John" on a bathroom wall is tantamount to critters peeing on turf...marking their territory.  Once I figured this out it seemed perfectly reasonable to declare such passion in a bathroom, rather tidy, actually.

Throughout my childhood I was never one to engage in trouble-making, in spite of the fact that I most definitely looked like I was up to no good every time I left my home.  And I most definitely didn't engage in vandalism, so I never declared my love for anyone in this particular way.  OK, I admit it, in 6th grade there was this particular boy that I had a mad crush on.  I tried to carve our initials in the tree in my front yard, but dang it!  It's hard to carve into a healthy tree with crummy tools.  So, I think I stopped at the letter "K".  Guess I marked my own tree....  That's MY tree!

Anyway, I presented the drawing below to Dave today.  I said "Ta-da!!!" when I showed him...just like the girl in the picture.  :-)

No trees or bathroom walls were harmed in the making of this declaration of love.  Oh, wait, I painted on paper...I take it back....

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