Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fighting the Urge

Went for a walk with my students this afternoon.  We were on a puddle quest.  We successfully found puddle after puddle.  And, my goodness, those kiddos did not give in to the temptation to jump right in and make a huge splash, which is exactly what I was fighting the urge to do, myself, though I know I'd be so sad to have wet pants and shoes the rest of the day.  There was one very cautious toe test to see just how deep the puddle was, but that was it.  Wowza!

Got me thinking about urges, things we love, and the difference in our perceptions as children and as adults.  Flossing popped into my mind (probably because I'm flossing as I type...multi-tasking talent, yes, I know, amazing).  I HATED flossing as a kid.  My teeth literally only got flossed at the dentist office, though I always told them I flossed regularly at home, my bleeding gums a dead give-away of my deception.  These days when I go to the dentist they never ask me if or how often I floss.  I like to think it must be quite obvious that I do it every chance I get. 

My other big childhood "hate" was loading the dishwasher.  I swear I recollect it taking WAY over 30 minutes to do that nasty task.  These days it's done in just a few minutes and I sort of feel like I do when I finish a fabulous novel, I longingly miss the characters just a bit.  Yup, I do have that lingering feeling of wishing there was just one more bowl to fit in.  Sigh....

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