Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mommy Self Restraint...sorta

I was so very proud of myself last night. I let my big guy drive me for a few blocks and, for the first time, I didn't make any noises or jerky motions or do anything irritating at all. My pattern thus far has been to go totally freaky on him. I'm a terrible passenger to an experienced driver (I don't backseat drive or anything like that, but I do twitch, grab hold of the handle, and other totally annoying things). When I'm with a brand new teenage driver I'm cross-over wacky. I have a very hard time keeping my cool. I thrust my foot at pedals that aren't there, I gasp, I even shriek a little. So, after last night's successful mommy behavior, I almost forgot to congratulate him on how great he's doing with driving as I was so busy patting myself on the back. I accepted my well-deserved eye roll. My big guy really is doing so, so spite of my behavior.

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