Sunday, November 20, 2011

Family Style

I had the pleasure of grocery shopping with my little guy this afternoon.  He was funny.  He kept commenting on how poofy his hair was when it was humid outside.  He'd hold his hair with his hands, pressed tightly against the sides of his head, then release and say, "POOF," over and over again.  Yeah, yeah, this big Texas haired girl knows what you're talking about, kiddo.

He brought up how his older brother used to "always" wear button downs and slick his hair back with gel in elementary school.  Tis true, for a couple of years my big guy was quite stylin'.  I reminded my little guy that his brother had a phase before then, one where he only wore tie dye shirts, every day, without exception.  We agreed it was a pretty funny switch from total hippie tie dye kid to slicked back hair button down dude.  I thought it was awesome!

My little guy's style?  Well...aside from having long curly hair for most of his childhood (it's short these days), his clothing style has always been "grab the top shirt, top shorts, and any two socks" method. I dig it!

I love my super stylin' guys!

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