Monday, November 14, 2011


I had someone stop by my classroom today and tell me that they feel better just seeing my dependable smile.  "Super awesome!"  I'm thinking.  Don't tell them, but there's a certain percentage (way under half) of the time that I "fake it till I make it".  It's OK, I'm pretty good at it; I used to play a happy person on TV.  And, hey, the strategy mostly works!  Today was NOT one of those "fake it" days.  I felt pretty darn much purely happy all day long, from the moment my alarm woke me up till now.  Groovy!

Ever notice how when you're happy there's always someone who wants to mess with ya?  One of my kiddos tried to burst my happy bubble by proclaiming that "It's good to fart in the dogs' faces because they enjoy it" and then proceeded to test the theory...and, yes, he was correct.  Yup, I was unfazed. Please don't tell him I was also a bit amused.  Oh, geez, he just did it again...seriously!

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