Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mama knows Breast

This afternoon our little pup, Hazel, was nuzzling Scout's underside.  Scout wasn't aware of what was going on, but it was obvious to us.  I could imagine Scout thinking, "a little higher...go a bit to the left...yeah, that's the spot," as her hind leg started reflexively scratching at the air.  Until...ZOW!  That little puppy nipped at Scout's nonexistent teats!  Hazel got told, that's for sure.  Guess it's confusing having your new BFF the same size as your mom whom you hadn't fully weaned from yet.

Made me think of nursing my own guys (occasional nippers, too, I must add).  Most of my memories of nursing are absolutely fabulous, beautiful, and amazing.  One, though, stands out as truly humiliating.  I walked the trail around the lake most every day when they were wee ones.  It was my bliss and both boys loved it as babies.  I can't remember which of them I was with, but here's what happened.  OK, I should say something first.  For most women it's probably no big deal, but for a "small" woman, when you have a baby and your upper frontal torso accessories come in, it's a bit of an out-of-body, most amazing thing.  So, one day I was walking around the lake feeling quite sassy about my reconfigured figure and I kept noticing that people were checking me out.  Checking ME out...seriously not a common experience in my life.  Well, after it happened over and over and over again, I started noticing that my accessories were drawing the eye contact.  Well, "hot dang!" I thought, "this is what it's like to be objectified and checked out."  And, true confession, I liked it.  I think I even improved my posture just a bit, you know, for other people's benefit and all.  Well, I made it all the way around the lake, the stares of awe continuing throughout...hey, I'm just sayin'.  By the time I got home my head was rather swollen with the pleasure of my physical attributes and the gift they were to others.  I went to the mirror to check myself out and see what everyone was lovin' so much and...oh...oh, no...I had HUGE milky circles on my adorable jogging top.  Beads of milk could be seen penetrating the material.  Egads!  Big swollen head deflated...big swollen accessories in serious need of draining.  "Come here, kiddo, I've got a job for you, STAT!"

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  1. Remembering that you saved this nursing mom a couple of years ago. I was standing in the heat in your front yard and you looked at me, then steered me in for cool water and a seat. A serious life-saver. One of the more sweet rescues I've gotten post-40.