Sunday, November 6, 2011

Impersonal Shopper

I had a dream that I was at a thrift store where they offered "personal shopping" services. Can you imagine? I woke up all out of sorts because, seriously folks, what's the point of that?!?! Personally I love the quest that thrifting is. The challenge is at least half the fun, right? In my dream I was just waiting in the dressing room (which was delightfully funky, of course, gum on the walls, graffiti scratched into the mirrors, a lock on the door that I didn't trust one little bit and just knew someone would open the door and I'd be seen standing there in only my underwear). The personal shopper was bringing me items to try on and taking my rejects away, which was everything because she was clueless about what little style I can call my own.  She was also a little too "put together" and sure seemed like she'd be better placed at Anthropologie (which I also love!).

Anyway, I ended up giving up on my thrifting because I simply wasn't having any fun.

Lucky for me it's discount day at the thrift store tomorrow and I'll have some time to get my fix and satisfy my challenging quest need while I wait for the big guy to get out of drivers ed. Me? Yeah, I'm goofy excited!

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