Thursday, April 26, 2012

Channeling my Inner Demi Moore

I've officially been sick a week now.  No longer miserably sick, but I now have no voice and I cough...a lot...and they're very pathetic hoarse little coughs...and tears leak from my eyes.  OK, I should pause now and just be thankful that at least during my coughing fits I'm not peeing, right?  Right.  Being thankful aside, I'm finding myself taking naps every day after school.  This, happily, gives me the opportunity to wake up with sexy mussed hair and stumble into the living room where I usually find Dave.  I croak something out, certain that I'm sounding like the very sexy Demi Moore.  He gazes at me, lip curling just a bit...

Dave:  "Even though your gross, you're a really gross way."

Hear that, my peeps?  He thinks I'm "sexy".  Nuf said!

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