Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cookies, a Reunion, a Griping...oh, and Happy Birthday to me!

I made a batch of cookies this morning.  The fam raided the cooling cookies, but I managed to put together a plate full to take to a high school reunion I was attending this afternoon.  It's funny, I can cover it with foil and it's like I live with a bunch of two-year-olds who don't yet have object permanence.

"What cookies?  I don't see any cookies?  There must not be any cookies."

I did leave three uncovered cookies on a plate, one for each of them, yup, I'm a good wife and mom...check!

Off to the reunion I went.  And, gosh, I was actually nervous!  You know, that anticipatory gonna-have-fun kind of butterflies thing.  And it was fun!  So much fun!  Our first reunion in 30+ years.  And, happily, all that time lets you drop all that high school stuff aside and just appreciate who everyone is.  And, I must say, this group of folks is aging quite well!  Yeah, we're rockin' it!  Ooh, and everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to me and I blew out candles and everything!  Awesome!

So, when I got home from the reunion and put the empty cookie plate in the sink I was accosted by the little guy.

Little dude:  "Why do you always take the cookies you make and give them to other people?!?!"

Me:  "Because you always say they're so good, so I want to share them."

Little guy:  "There not good, they're terrible, you should leave them here."

Me:  "Gosh, if they're so awful, I'll just quit making them."

Little guy:  "Aaaaaaaaggghhh!"

I love being a thorn in his side.  But mostly I love him!

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