Friday, April 20, 2012

House o Crud

So, yeah, don' be stoppin' by here.  We are the house of crud.  Well, everyone but Dave, that is.  And even he is considering not stopping by here.

I don't think I ever get to take an "alone time" sick day.  You know, a day where you feel like ca-ca pookie, but you're still able to embrace the joy that having the house to yourself is.  That was to be my silver lining when I woke up at 2 AM, realized I still had a fever, got online to set up for a sub, and then typed up my lesson plans.  (I've decided I'm not going to look them over at this point, don't really want to see the effects of febrile planning.)  I set my alarm and went back to bed planning on getting up just in time to get the little guy going.

Little guy, upon being awakened:  "I'm sick, mom, I think you gave it to me."  Oh, sure, blame mom.  Back to bed he went, and so did I.

Before noon big guy had been to the school nurse and was on his way home, sick, too.

What would I have done had I had the house to myself?  Betting I would've puttered around a lot, painted a bit, and basically blissfully wasted my day.  So, I bet you're wondering, did I tend to my sick boys?  Uh, no.  Did I take over eight hours worth of naps today?  Why, yes, I did!  Guess I owe the guys a dose of gratitude after all.

OK, been up for over an hour, time to go back to bed...yeah, found my bliss under all those comfy quilts.  Zzzzzzz...

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