Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Mommy is Super Smart!

I heard five amazing (and extremely rare) words tonight!  "That was really smart, mom."

I know, holy freak, right?!?!  Wanna know what prompted such an observant recognition of my pure genius?

Took my kids through the drive-through at P. Terry's tonight and our total was $11.42.  I told my big guy to dig out 42¢ from my cup holder.  OK, well, that was a "no can do" because they were super sticky from one of my kid's soda spillage at some I dug the coins out of my wallet.  I also took out a $20 and a $1.  We pulled up and I handed the guy the money.  And, what did he give me back?  Take a moment, do the math, yup, a $10 bill.

Cue the Big guy:  "That was really smart, mom."

And to think that so many people say, "I'll NEVER use this when I'm a grown-up." when they're taking all those elementary, middle and high school math classes.  Feeling pretty grateful I paid attention and have my mad math skills.  And that my sweet kid noticed.

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