Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nursing Home Dreams

Dave staggered sleepily out of the bedroom this morning, leaned against the door frame, and said, "Last night I dreamt we bought a nursing home."

Me:  "Why would you do that?!"

Dave:  "And we were the ones doing all the work."

Me:  "Did we take care of them by giving them all MacBook Pros and iPhones and ignoring them like we do with our children?"

OK, OK, truth be told, we do NOT buy our children MacBook Pros, we merely encourage them to use their own money to buy one so they'll fit in with their hip parents.  And we DIDN'T go out and buy them iPhones, we simply gave them our old ones when we went out and bought new ones for ourselves.  AND they have to pay part of the bill.  We'd definitely buy a bunch of nice old people that stuff though, so don't you worry yourselves over that.

P.S. Somebody please interpret Dave's dream for me.

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