Monday, July 2, 2012

Apparently I'm here to serve...something.

Little guy:  "Where's Daddy?"

Me:  "At the coffee shop, I'm sure."

Little guy:  "I want something."

Me:  "What do you want?"

Little guy:  "I don't know, my ear itches.  Will you scratch it?"

Me:  "No, get a Q-tip."

Little guy:  "Those can make my ears hurt."

He snuggles in beside me, laying his head on my tummy, and almost (ack!) touches me with his ear scratch finger.

Little guy:  "Buuuuuurp!"

Me:  "OK, you're grossing me out."

He stands up and toodles out of the room.

Little guy:  "I wonder what I wanted."

Parenting sure is a lot of guess work...with a side of ickiness.

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