Thursday, July 12, 2012

Recalculating Jumpiness

Had the pleasure of another errand "date" with my husband today.  He even told a it must be true.  Well, he was driving and, after twenty years together, he's finally learning to not surprise me when making turns and such.  Because, you see, if he appears to be making a left, my body expects him to make a left, and when he pulls a u-turn instead, of course I have to dig out my robotic voice (after I've had a freak out spasm response to the change) and say, "Recalculating...." Yup, today was a good day.  I only had to say it once.

My kids, of course, expect such freaky behavior from me.  It's all they know.  We picked up our little guy on our way home and what did he say to me after hardly seeing me at all over the past week?

Little guy:  "That's what I missed...I missed someone being jumpy."  He gave me a big cuddly squeeze.

Yeah, you heard it, my little guy missed me. 

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