Sunday, July 8, 2012

Moths, Skeletal Remains, and Dave...Oh my!

Dave and I got to stay in a hotel downtown last night.  Alone.  With no kids!!!  So much fun!  And, you know I totally love my quiet mornings, right?  So, when I woke up at 7:00 this morning, I tip toed to the chest of drawers, got my clothes out, tip toed to the bathroom to shower, tip toed to the couch with my computer, quietly put my ear buds in, and started watching something...all in pitch darkness.  After all, I'm nice like that, I knew Dave needed his beauty sleep, and yeah, I was totally being protective of my quiet time.

Well, I was minding my own business when a huge moth, with about a four inch wing span, started flapping between me and my laptop screen.  I suppose it was attracted by the light.  Well, I was all thinking, "Ooh, aaah," until it morphed into a skeletal human hand and started going toward my face.  That's when I freaked my freak.  I was aware of being in a hotel and didn't want to disturb my neighbors (why I thought this, I don't know...after all, they were up all night making all kinds of racket), so I began hyperventilating instead.  Somehow I managed to gently remove my ear buds and set my computer down on the couch beside me, all the while levitating as I subconsciously debated between fight and flight.

"It's me, Kali, it's me."  Ya, I didn't care what that skeletal hand, that was likely attached to a very creepy skeletal body, had to say to me.  I was way too busy being a whirlwind of punches and slaps to pay attention.  Yup, I was in fight mode.

The light came on...and there was Dave, standing all self-protective and stuff.  I lowered my fists and gave him the smelliest stink eye ever.

So sorry, Dave.  And all you moth skeletal hand creatures out there...consider yourself warned.  This girl will take you out!

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