Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Muse Amuses Me

About a month ago I drew a sweet little seashell.  As ink only, it was just fine.  But I went and added color...and lo and behold, no matter which way I turned it, all I could think when I looked at it was, "mutant alien boobie."  (My apologies if that offends.)  Seriously!  It stayed in my pile of "in progress" paintings (I like to work on a few at a time), week after week.  Well, today I dragged that sucker out for the umpteenth time, determined to finish it.  I turned it around, one final time and, suddenly, brilliance struck!  It was not a seashell.  It was not a boobie.  That darn thing was obviously a HAT!

So, there ya're now officially privy to my muse.  

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