Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So soon they forget...

I found myself having to kidnap my own kiddo this afternoon.  He's been at his grandpa's house for three days and nights, hanging out with cousins, being spoiled as grandkids should be, and having a total blast.  I'm a little concerned, though, that they've been using mind control on him to convince him that he no longer needs us.

Me:  "I've missed you, kiddo."

Little guy:  "OK."

Me:  "Did you miss me?"

Little guy:  "No."

Me:  "Gee, I feel like you don't even have a use for me any more."

Little guy:  "I don't."

Me:  "Who's doing your laundry right now?"

Little guy:  "Oh."

Me:  "I love you."

Little guy:  "OK, mom."

Me:  "You have a smell."

...and all of a sudden he was all over me with a big stinky wonderful hug.  Lesson learned?  Lead with, "You have a smell."

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