Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Great Noodle Hold-up

And...the latest episode in the "my kids think I'm here on earth just to serve them" series.

Big guy:  "Mom, will you make me noodles?"

Me:  "Sure, if you'll start the water boiling."

Big guy:  "I'm not good at that, mom."

He walks away, only to return about twenty minutes later.

Big guy:  "What?  You didn't make noodles?"

Me:  "You didn't start the water boiling."

Big guy:  "Sigh...."  A big, full-of-disappointment, heavy one.

And then he exhibited his mad skillz in starting water boiling.  Ya, I knew you could do it, kiddo!

"Ding!!!"  Order up!

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