Friday, July 27, 2012

Stuff, Stash, and Stink

We've had another game of "what's that smell?" at the Parsons house.  The scene this time?  The laundry room.  It's the home of all kinds of funky suspects.  The litter box (surprisingly not stinky), the hampers of dirty stuff (typically stinky), and a machine that is, well, moist much of the time (intermittently stinky).  So, long story short, we pulled both machines out, thoroughly cleaned under and behind them, and put it all back.  So, yay!

All was fine and dandy until Dave turned around in the laundry room and eyed my chaotic crafting area.

Me:  "I have to go eat something before we can even think about talking about this."

Yes, I'm a big avoider.  I have wonderful and amazing plans for all that stuff, don't ya know.  Anyway, after my tummy was filled I dug in.  Somehow I managed to toss enough stuff that I'd totally forgotten existed so I had room to shove the stuff I did remember in its place.  Whew!

Me:  "Hey, boys, come check out the laundry room."

Big guy:  "Woah, what happened?"

Me:  "Does it still have a smell?"

Little guy:  "No."

...and then, of course, someone tooted (not me).

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