Thursday, July 26, 2012

Getting the Monkey off my Back

In my continuing efforts to rid myself of those things that once gave me peace and distraction and somehow morph into anxiety enhancers, I've given up my beloved caffeinated tea.  About two months ago it was gum I gave up.  Moderation is not my friend, and I think I ended up chewing so much of it that whatever the artificial sweetener that was in it was making me feel sick.  That, and Dave said I looked like a cow (chewing wise, not in other ways, I'm hoping, though they do have the loveliest eyes).  Anyway, yesterday was my first day without tea.  It was a water only day.  And, lucky for my family, I was home alone pretty much all day long while I went through detox.

Gosh, worst headache ever, nauseous all day long, couldn't stay awake (I took five hours' worth of naps), and was grouchy, grouchy, grouchy.  And this was just tea!!!  Day two has been better, only one nap and just the shadow of a headache. 

So, I feel compelled to fist bump all you addicts out there who have quit real drugs.  I mean, woof!  I almost backward slid about twenty times that first day.  Kudos to you!

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