Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Trapped in my Own Thoughts

Sometimes I spend all my time hanging out in my head.  I mean I have full conversations in there.  I say my lines AND yours.  I resolve issues, stir things up, and sometimes end up downright pissed off.  ...until a loud noise or something as startling brings me out of it.  The other day I was yanked out of my head by a spontaneous comment from a total stranger.  Dave and I were standing in line waiting to order something to drink.  Coffee for him, tea for me.  I was lost in my own little world likely either solidifying or stirring up my marital bliss through the power of my brain waves when my thoughts were interrupted by this.

Total stranger dude to me:  "I just have to tell you.  You're beautiful."

Me:  "Oh, gosh,, thank you so much."

Total stranger dude to Dave:  "And you're handsome, but she's beautiful."

Note to my family...using the "You're beautiful" tactic is much more effective than the "Mommmmm!" method.  Just sayin'.

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