Monday, July 30, 2012

Driving Miss Crazy

With school about to start up again soon, I'm going through my annual "I have nothing to wear!" syndrome.  Really I have plenty to wear, I've either just forgotten it's in my closet or I simply don't like it.  So...I decided today I'd start test driving some stuff.  First out?  A little blue jean dress.  Frankly, I'm not a fan of blue jean dresses as a rule.  Always makes me think of being big, uncomfortable, and pregnant.  My "go to" dress when I was "with" child(ren) was a big, ugly, and very comfy blue jean dress.  Anyway, this dress is totally not like that one, so I slipped it on and wore it around the house.  Worked fine for making cookies.  Worked fine for taking a nap.  Worked fine for catching a second or two of the Olympics.  Then...

Dave:  "Let's take the donkey to a coffee shop."  ("Donkey" = Hazel, our dog)

Me:  "Can I go out in this?"  The panic was creeping in at the edges.

Dave:  "Sure."

Me:  "But look, if I have to bend over to pick something up, look what shows!  And if I have to sit on something, look what comes in contact with the chair!!"  Yes, I was moving toward full-on panic mode.

Yeah, no dress is worth that, right?  OK, whew, first thing in the "get this the heck outa here" pile.  This is easy!  (Though I may need some therapy when I'm done.)  Oh, and if you see me around in the next week or so, please know that I'm likely test driving something.  Your input is greatly appreciated...and, perhaps, some chamomile tea to settle my nutty panicky nerves.  Eesh!

I'd love it if you'd take that "like" button for a test drive!!

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