Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cramping his Style

Dave:  "You should eat cabbage so you'll be big and strong like yo daddy."

Little guy:  "Uh, dad, check out these guns."  He held his arm up at a right angle.

Dave:  "Well, check out these pecs."  Shirt off, pecs flexed.

Little guy:  Pulls shirt off immediately.  "Mine are more defined."

Dave:  "Touch these, Kal."

Little guy:  "Touch mine, mom."

Me:  "Why do you two always bring me into the middle of this?"  I touch them with all the enthusiasm I could muster (not much).  "They're both firm."

Dave:  "Ow, I think I gave myself a cramp flexing my muscles."

Little guy:  "Wimp."

Me:  "I think this makes him the winner, Dave."

Just what would happen if he did eat all that cabbage?

Go ahead, "like" my blog...it won't cramp your style at all.  :-)

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