Friday, October 12, 2012

Another ACL...Another Dollar

...for the little guy, anyway.

He's had a lemonade stand in our front yard every year since he was four.  (Our neighborhood becomes a literal parking lot for ACL goers each year, so there's a lot of potential customers.)  He used to team up with his big brother, but the big guy has since found "better" ways to make money.  So, the little guy has been on his own for several years and has made more money than the previous year every time.  This, I must say, takes a lot of work on his part.  When he started he was a curly-haired, angelic-looking, cherub.  Now he's a rather handsome, slightly pimply, could-wash-his-hair a little more often, amazing and wonderful teenager.  Lucky for him he more than makes up for the lack of "cute" with his delightful personality and deep sea-blue eyes.

You go, little dude!

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