Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cookies have Super Powers

I sat outside tonight with my little guy as he neared the end of his annual ACL sale.  It's funny what comes up sometimes.

Little guy:  "I got paid with a two dollar bill today."

Me:  "Oh, cool!  I still have some left over for Tooth Fairy money."

Little guy:  "About still owe me money for the last two teeth I lost."

Me:  "No, I don't.  When you stopped believing, the money stopped appearing."

Little guy:  "Well, what about that tooth you left under my pillow for so long that it actually broke in half it got so old."

Meanwhile...a lovely fellow came by and bought one of the chocolate chip cookies I'd made and donated to the sale.

Little guy:  "So, you owe me money, mom."

Me:  "Remember that guy who just came up and gave you a dollar for the cookie I made?  And the other hundred (seriously, I made at least one hundred cookies!) or so people that also bought cookies?"

Little guy:  "Oh, yeah.  OK, mom, we're even."


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