Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm just glad it wasn't the AVON lady.

So I've been wearing the exact same two black workout outfits for several years now.  The gym where I work out is so not the "dress sexy to work out" kind of place...thankfully!  While my tops are hanging in there still, the pants are a different story.  One has faded to that ugly gray/black that all cottons tend to get to.  The other is going the route all lycra outfits go...getting thin, thin, thin.  Actually I have no evidence of such thinness.  I can't tell if it's gone all see-through and stuff.  I just assume it has.  And I've found myself behind enough people in classes who do have thinning lycra (and yes, even if you're toned you don't want to be basically handing out x-ray vision glasses to everyone).

I decided it was time to order more know, as a public service and all.  So I did.

I had no idea when they'd come and I hadn't even bothered to open my confirmation email from Amazon.  My solution in the meantime?

1. Offer one of my kids $5 to go with me to the gym and stand behind me in the fluorescent lighted gym and check out my "coverage".

2. Wear my kid's outgrown soccer shorts till my new pants arrive.

I went with #2, so my kids dodged a bullet there avoiding #1 and all.  I put on the baggy boy shorts, said a few rude things to them, and started doing the dishes before I headed out to the gym.


I go to the door...and there, sitting on my porch, was the most beautiful brown box ever!  I ripped it open, got out one of my new pants, tried them on, perfect!  (Mail order is so risky!)

Thirty minutes later I was at the gym...fully covered...whew!

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