Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just because you snooze, doesn't mean you lose.

Hit the "snooze" on my alarm this morning.  It's been forever since I've done that.  I was having way too good of a time sleeping.  But, when it went off again, I gave in to the waking part of my day.  I grogged through my morning routine, already dreaming of when I'd get to go back to sleep tonight.

When it was time to start waking up the rest of the clan, I went into my little guy's room and put on my best cheerful, and likely annoying, "I'm so happy to be awake" voice.

Me:  "Time to get up, kiddo."

Little guy:  "No, no, no!!!  This can't be happening!!!"

Me:  "I hear ya."

A few hugs and kisses later he was grossed out enough to get up and get moving, and I was love-filled enough to get my own act in gear.

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