Tuesday, October 30, 2012

To Break or Not to Break...That is the Question

And now...the much anticipated conclusion to yesterday's blog

I picked the little guy up from school early today.  He managed to talk me into some pity fast food, of course...you know, what with the painful pinky and all.  We drove to the bone-ologist's office, a place he hadn't been to in years, but back then he frequented the joint (Ooh, catch that awesome bone joke?  Thank you very much...I'll be here all night.).  Anyway, as we neared the place, my little guy started giving me directions to the right building.  Yup, he still knew exactly where to go.  We walked in, let them know we were there, and sat down to wait our turn.  Soon enough we were heading to the back.  The man who had done the last six or so of my little guy's casts said, "Hey, welcome back!"

Hmmmmm...is it a good sign when the cast guy recognizes you as a frequent flier?  Seriously, though, we should have a filled up punch card by now.

The doc came in, looked at the x-rays, and declared that darn pinky "fractured".  Yup, this is officially the 6th broken bone for that crazy little dude of mine.  As he already has casts of every color (except pink and purple...whassup with that?!?!), he went for two tone.  And since his birthday is on Halloween, why not celebrate with a fabulous orange and black cast?  Awesome!

So, hope you enjoy your birthday present cast, kiddo...you weren't expecting anything else, were ya?

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