Saturday, October 13, 2012

There's Power in Choice

My big guy and I were looking at the one and only scrapbook I made during my kids' childhood.  It's pretty awesome, so if there had to be just one, they lucked out.

Anyway, he was looking at photos of himself when he was about seven or so.  He went through a really cute phase when he grew his hair down almost to his shoulders, slicked it with gel every day, and wore a pressed button down shirt.  He was quite the dapper little hippie.  Sidenote:  the year before he insisted on wearing a tie dye shirt every day.  That year meant a lot of tie dying and laundry.

Big guy:  "Mom, why did you make me look like that?"

Me:  "Me?  I never made you do any of that.  You've always gotten to choose your hairstyle and clothing style."

Big guy:  "That was mean, mom."

Gee...I guess I can't win.  Not yet at least.  But I think I can feel the easing in of appreciation.  I will very happily wait.

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