Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Keep Calm and Drive On

Had to drive in the rain today.  Yes, I'm one of those drivers who thinks, "RAIN!  Danger, danger, everybody slow down to a crawl, already!"  I mean, really, you should see me when there's ice...I hunker down and plan for a long winter's stay stuck in my house.  My wonderful, and ever so brave husband?  Well, he's completely unfazed by any of it and out he goes.

Today as I headed home from a professional development thingie, navigating one of those wacky traffic calming circles in the rain, I was reminded of something my precious (and often cranky) now-deceased next door neighbor said once at a neighborhood meeting.

"What is it with all these damn supposed traffic calming devices?!?!"

They may calm traffic, but they leave me a wreck.  My curled lip relaxed into a smile, though, each time I repeated his brilliant words...through all three of those darn supposed things. 

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