Thursday, October 18, 2012

Somehow he Knows

The kids have radar that senses when I get home.  It has nothing to do with the family GPS thing we all have going on...basically just like that awesome clock thing at the Weasley house.  No, they just know.

Little guy:  "Mom, I'm hungry."  He managed to say this, mid air, as he leaped over the arm of the couch to land beside me.

Me:  "Tell me something that you love about me."  I'm all about the awkward question games, after all.

Little guy:  "I don't know."

Me:  "Guess you're not hungry."

Little guy:  "I love when you cook for me."

Me:  "OK, that doesn't count, that just takes us back to the beginning."

Little guy:  "I love you, mom."  He says very sweetly as he puts me in a gentle headlock.  I pause for a moment to be thankful to the shower gods as lucky for me, he partook right after school.

Me:  "All right, give me a kiss and I'll make you a pizza."

And he did...right on my cheek...swoon....

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