Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ignorance is Sort of Bliss

As I'm driving my kiddo home from his last football game of the season tonight, I am washed with a bit of relief that one, he's survived without injury (yay!), and two, I have almost a year till I have to be the obvious clueless-about-anything-related-to-football ding-a-ling that I am.  I smiled to myself as we drove along and he talked on and on about specifics of the game that had just occurred and I nodded and piped up with a "you were awesome" at what seemed the right time.

I made it almost home when I realized that soccer season is soon to be upon us.  And, thus, my clueless-about-ball-sports reign was sadly going to continue.  And then track will quickly follow that.  No ball, but I'm still ignorant about all the events...after all, when I did track and field in elementary school, I was the hippety-hoppety champion (I still have the blue ribbon, thank you very much).  Now, if they brought that fabulous sport to middle school, you'd all have a true authority on your hands.

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