Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mum's the Word

I so very clearly remember homecoming in ninth grade.  I knew what was coming.  I'd seen homecoming in both seventh and eighth grade.  I knew lotsa girls would be proudly wearing HUGE mums, ribbons down to their knees, all kinds of gold footballs, helmets, and bells jingling in the hallways, glitter pretty much everywhere.

So, in ninth grade my mom took me to a craft store so I could make one of my own.  We got enough stuff to make one for me and for some of my fellow dorkette friends (it's not like anyone was going to give one to us).  I worked for days gluing things just so and, I must say, they were quite fabulous!  I wore mine with great pride and happily left sparkly evidence wherever I went.

Now, somewhere between ninth and eleventh grade, I declared those mums ridiculous.  I no longer held them in high regard...there was no place left in my heart for them.  Phooey!

Well, tonight was the homecoming game for my little guy's football team.  One of the team moms had made mums for all of the player's moms.  What did this girl do?  I ran right over to that sweet pile of sparkly stuff and picked mine right said "PARSONS" really big on one of the ribbons. 

Yup, you're darn tootin' I loved it!

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