Friday, October 26, 2012

Cleanliness is next to...well, it might be overrated...maybe

Dave got us new electric toothbrushes today.  This was particularly fabulous because I lost mine several weeks ago and have been sharing with my little guy.  Not the head of it, mind you, bleck!  Just the power part that made the top part shake, rattle, and roll.  Anyway, as I was throwing away the old chargers (as they do not fit the new toothbrushes, of course), Dave commented that I never cleaned mine off.  Really "never" is such a HUGE exaggeration..."very seldom" would be more accurate.  But, gee, it worked fine whether or not I cleaned it, right?  Just like my bed would be just as wonderful to sleep in if I "very seldom" made it...which I'd do if left to my own.  Instead, it gets made very single day.  And, yes, it does look better.  And, yes, the cat hair stays only on the top layer.  And, yes, it makes for a much better surface to fold laundry on.  And, yes, okay, maybe Dave is right about the bed and the toothbrush charger...maybe.

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